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SAFE MELT® Deicing Liquid Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAFE MELT®

SAFE MELT® is an all natural, environmentally friendly deicing liquid made from the by-products of the forestry industry added to a base of calcium.  It is non-toxic, water soluble, non-flammable, biodegradable, and less corrosive than pure water.  SAFE MELT® is also a rust inhibitor.

When should I use SAFE MELT®

SAFE MELT® can be used  as an anti-snow agent prior to a snow or ice storm.  It will reduce the accumulation of snow depending upon outside temperature and amount of water content in the snowfall.  It is also an excellent deicer as a coated salt which can be applied directly over ice or snow pack.

How does SAFE MELT® work?

Unlike rock salt or pellets that lay on the surface and melt from the top down to the bottom, Safe Melt® sinks to the surface level, melting as it goes down, and spreads out after coating the surface.  This breaks the bond beteween the snow or ice and the pavement for an easy and complete cleanup.

Do I still have to shovel or scrape? 

Yes, unfortunately there is still no "bullet proof" solution to snow removal.  Safe Melt® will help reduce the amount of effort that you will have to exert to cleanup.  By breaking the bond beteween the snow and ice and the pavement, you will find that snow and ice peel off more easily and quickly.  This reduces your work load considerably. 

How much does one gallon cover?

One gallon of SAFE MELT® liquid treatment can provide the equivalent coverage of fifty pounds of rock salt or pellets.  If you choose to use it as an anti-snow agent to reduce possible snow accumulation, you will find that a liberal misting can treat two car driveways that measure 20' by 50' plus extra walkways or about 1000sq.ft.  This is somewhat dependant upon the thickness of the coating being applied to the surface.  

How long does SAFE MELT® last?

When you have mist coated your areas SAFE MELT® has a unique residual reactivation effect that coats your grounds for about 10-14 days in traffic areas provided that it does not rain to wash the Safe Melt® away.

Where can SAFE MELT® be used?

It is non corrosive and can be applied to just about any surface including rubber, roof shingles, new cement, slate, wood, or brick. 

Is SAFE MELT® safe around pets and children?

Yes, it is non-toxic. However we suggest not allowing pets to ingest SAFE MELT® because it could cause diarrhea.

Will SAFE MELT® work below zero?

Yes, it has been proven to be an effective deicier at temperatures down to negative 20 degrees fahrenheit.  Apply SAFE MELT® and give it suffcient time to work before cleaning up your areas.

Are there any cautions to using SAFE MELT®

Yes, do not apply it where the temperature is over 35 degrees fahrenheit because it can cause a slippery surface.

For answers to any more questions you may have about SAFE MELT® contact us today at 860-704-0425  


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