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Ice Melt on Concrete

Concerns as to why concrete deteriorates.

Ice melters have been used for a long time on concrete and are always the first to be blamed when it comes to problems with concrete, but there are many other factors to think about when it comes to passing the blame.

  • Concrete varies in the way it's made.  If the producer of each type of concrete adds too much or too little of any of their ingredients in the mixing process, it may change the chemical make-up and can alter the longevity of the final product.
  • If the concrete wasn't aerated properly when made, also affects the conditions of the concrete.
  • Too much aggregate in the mix where the stones are too close to the surface may cause bubbles and or air pockets that will crack and affect the final product.
  • Freeze/Thaw Conditions:  If there are the smallest cracks in the new or old concrete and water fills these areas and then freezes, it expands and contracts with the temperatures and can cause cracking or spalling .
  • Has the concrete been sealed to fill in the natural voids? If not water can also collect in these voids and cause cracking or spalling upon temperature changes.

Ice melt on concrete

  • Apply products by using manufacturers recommended application rates. Do not over apply!
  • Any residual products should be removed from surfaces.
  • Magnesium has been proven to attack concrete, aluminum and other metals.  If a magnesium base product was used first it possibly could have started deterioration.
  • Once a coated product has diluted and done its job of eliminating snow pack and ice from surfaces the remaining product is a salt crystal.
  •  The amount of products used on the surfaces throughout the season due to the amount of weather, can affect conditions of surfaces.
  • If roadways are next to sidewalks, take into consideration the amount of products to be used due to the extra snow and ice melting products and residuals used on road areas that will now be plowed onto sidewalks.

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